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Perfect financial solutions, tailored to your needs.

Complete transparency. Personal attention. Major savings.

Management and support for high-end companies and employees in the field of financial services and pension plans.

Pension Savings Plan

We specialize in tailoring pension solutions with the mission of preserving our clients' lifestyle post-retirement. The proper formulation of pension savings plans is our mission; hence we work constantly to reduce costs.

Management of Insurance Policies

From our experience, most clients who commission our services are unaware of the insurance policies they own and even less, of the aggregated costs of such policies. Our service ensures sensible management of all of your policies while reducing costs to minimum.

Management of Available Capital

We at Advice, have created a unique holistic solution for our clients, which allows us to examine the management of your available capital as part of overall asset management (together with your pension plans) and thereby formulating an optimal asset management solution for you.

Comprehensive Management Bundle for Employers

Our service is dedicated and tailored to the specific needs of each company, while taking into consideration its policy regarding pension funds and thus attaining the ideal solutions.

Professional Consulting for Employees (peace of mind for employers)

We provide a comprehensive service for employees and their communication with the finance department, from onboarding to the termination of employment at the company.

Early Retirement Planning

Advice has generated a unique solution that allows you to retire at a young age while maintaining your lifestyle and living standard.
We are your one-stop-shop consultancy and support agent for a broad range of financial services. Couldn’t find what you need?
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How does it work?

We at Advice, make sure to maintain complete transparency throughout the entire process in order to eliminate any information gap between you and your financial options. All you need to do is to choose your ideal solution.
We prepare a document detailing your current situation
We then schedule a meeting with you to get to know you and understand your needs
We offer solutions to improve your financial and insurance situation
We send a detailed report summarizing your situation following the agreed changes with your chosen solutions
We will then meet with you periodically to get you up to speed with the situation of your current solutions versus your changing needs
"When I first got started in the field of pension plans, what I found was a broken market. A market where people who are supposed to represent clients, tend to their needs, provide them with service and serve as their personal brokers, act out of a sense of constant conflict of interest with their clients and in fact compete with them for their capital. Advice was founded with the aim of serving as a Full Stack Broker for our clients. To formulate the best and most ideal plan for our clients, with an approach that's very different from current practices in the field. We provide our clients with actual value out of professionalism and transparency, both as an individual and as a business. We work for you and use our professional experience, to ensure and maintain your standard of living in the future."
Tommy Kovalis,
Founder & Chairman ADVICE GROUP

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