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Our team of experts has worked tirelessly to formulate a variety of financial solutions that may be custom tailored to your organization’s character and your employees’ needs. We have made it our mission to deliver services to reassure you and tend to your ever changing needs in the field of insurance and savings.

Comprehensive Management Bundle for Employers

Our service is dedicated and tailored to the specific needs of each company, while taking into consideration its policy regarding pension funds and thus attaining the ideal solutions and management plans.

Professional consulting for employees (peace of mind for employers)

We provide a comprehensive service for employees and their communication with the finance department, from onboarding to the termination of employment at the company.

Management of Clearing Solutions

Finding the optimal clearing solutions for the company's needs among the service providers inspected by us and approved to provide services to our clients.

Complementary Products offered by our Strategic Partners

Directors' insurance / Professional liability insurance / Cyber ​​insurance / Management of employee compensation plans / Escrow account / Online clearing

Life Insurance and Loss of Earning Capacity Insurance

Life insurances serve to protect you and your family from financial calamity resulting from your inability as a provider to continue and provide for the needs of your family. These insurance policies are very common, but are too often purchased without planning and consideration of your family's needs, and with no consideration of their long-term total cost. The Advice Group is committed to formulating the ideal solution for you at the best possible price so that over time you can save a lot of money on insurance costs at the expense of insurance companies, funds that will be able to serve you and your loved ones.

Health Insurance

We at Advice make use of the entire range of services available in the private market in order to provide you and your family with a perfect solution based on services not provided by the public healthcare system and ensuring that you don’t pay for double insurance. We strive to ensure that best medical services are always provided to you in case of need, as fast as possible and with the complete basket of medical services available. We rely on the public healthcare system as the first tier, and then add all missing and complimentary services so that you can rest assured you and your family have access to all and any medical services available.

Business Partners' Insurance

Our business partners' insurance protects both your family and your business partners. This policy ensures you are able to keep your business up and running or to buy your partners' share of your business in case of your business partner's death. It also allows your loved ones to receive the actual value of your share in the business (in case of your death), without having to delve into the details of a business in which they have no knowledge, with all the intricacies and problems it entails.

Key Personnel Insurance

An insurance policy which serves to ensure your financial situation in case a key employee in your business is unable to perform their job.

Mortgage Insurance

We will do our best to provide you with the best insurance at the lowest cost as part of your bundle of financial insurance policies.

Alimony Insurance

When a marriage ends, people often find themselves in a situation where they want to ensure their children's financial wellbeing, without entrusting funds in the hands of their ex-spouse. Advice Group's alimony insurance ensures that in case you are unable to provide for your children, they will have a solution available to them to keep them financially stable until they are independent.

Pension Savings Plan

We specialize in tailoring pension solutions with the mission of preserving our clients' lifestyle post-retirement. The proper formulation of pension savings plans is our mission; hence we work constantly to reduce costs.

Management of Insurance Policies

From our experience, most clients who commission our services are unaware of the insurance policies they own and even less, of the aggregated costs of such policies. Our service ensures a sensible management of all of your policies while reducing costs to a minimum.

Management of Available Capital

We at Advice, have created a unique holistic solution for our clients, which allows us to examine the management of your available capital as part of overall asset management (together with your pension plans) and thereby formulating an optimal asset management solution for you.

Early Retirement Planning

Advice has generated a unique solution that allows you to retire at a young age while maintaining your lifestyle and living standard.

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